R O S H A N   H O U S H M A N D

2019           Under the Bodhi Tree, Gifts of Art, The University of Michigan, Taubman Center
 South  Gallery. Ann Arbor, MI.
2015           Text and Context, Bright Hill Press. Treadwell, NY.
2014           Sacred Spaces, The Community Arts Network of Oneonta (CANO). Oneonta, NY.
2013           Reflections of You, Fairview Public Library. Margaretville, NY.
2012           Petrichor; Andes Society for History and Culture Hunting Tavern Museum. Andes, NY.
2010           trailscripts, Blue Star Arts Complex. San Antonio, TX. Sponsored by NYFA SOS Grant.
2008           Event Paintings, Mural Gallery. Stamford, NY.
2005           Lightning, Andes Society for History and Culture Hunting Tavern Museum.
                  Andes, NY.  Sponsored by NYSCA Community Arts Decentralization Grant.
1999           Roshan Houshmand, Sweetwater Center for the Arts. Sewickley, PA.
1997           Pigment Paintings, Cruz Gallery. Santa Fe, NM.
1996           Roshan Houshmand, Spirit. Santa Fe, NM.
1995           A Benjamin, Galeria Rene Metras. Barcelona, Spain.
1994           Roshan Houshmand, Galeria Llevant. Mallorca, Spain.
1993           Ritos y Gritos, Galerie Denise Levy. Barcelona, Spain.
1992           Roshan Houshmand, Galeria Nota Bene. Cadaques, Spain.
1992           Roshan Houshmand, Spirit Arts. Santa Fe, NM.
1992           Roshan Houshmand, Marguerite Oestreicher Fine Arts. New Orleans, LA.
1990           R.H. Macy and Co., North-facing storefront windows. New York, NY.
1990           Roshan Houshmand, Marianovich Arte. Barcelona, Spain.
1989           Anomaly, HOME for Contemporary Theatre and Art. New York, NY.
1987           Roshan Houshmand, Sadolin Inc. Copenhagen, Denmark.

1986           Roshan Houshmand, Jedigs Kunsthandle. Copenhagen, Denmark.
1984           Senior Thesis Exhibition, Villa Schifinoia. Florence, Italy.


2019           3rd Biennial of Barcelona, MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art), Barcelona,
 Spain.Curated by Salvatore and Francesco Russo.
2019           Five, ArtBar Gallery. Kingston, NY.
2018           Parsing Sign and Image Exhibition, VETS Gallery. Providence, RI.
2018           Transformation, Gallery MC. New York, NY.
2018           Tibet House US Benefit Auction, Tibet House/Christie’s. New York, NY.
2017           HYGGE, Small Art Holiday Show, Cross Contemporary Art Gallery. Saugerties, NY.
2017           Back to the Garden, Ciel Gallery. Charlotte, NC.
2015           Arte en las Embajadas, Art in Embassies Program, San Jose, Costa Rica.
2015           Italia Docet/Laboratorium, 56th International Art Exhibition of the Venice
                  Biennale Collateral Event, Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto. Venice, Italy.
2014           Endangered, Woodstock Art Association and Museum. Woodstock, NY.
     Susan Asarian Nickerson Social Commentary Honorable Mention Award for The
2014, 15     Tibet House US Benefit Auction, Tibet House/Christie’s. New York, NY.
2013, 14     12 x 12, Leo Koenig Gallery. Andes, NY.
2012            New York ArtExpo. New York, NY.
2010            Confluences of Culture, East and West, Walter Wickiser Gallery. New York, NY.
2009-11       Gallery 61 Main. Andes, NY.
2009            The Flower Show, Walter Meade Gallery. Roxbury, NY.
2009            B. Sharp Gallery. Oneonta, NY.
2008             Rhonda Schaller Gallery. New York, NY.
2008            West Kortright Faculty Show. West Kortright, NY.
2007            72nd National Juried Exhibition, Cooperstown Art Association. Cooperstown, NY.
2006            21st Century American Women Artists, ART in Embassies Program, Truman Hall,
                   US Mission to NATO. Brussels, Belgium. US Dept. of State Grant recipient.
2005, 6        Galeria Metras. Barcelona, Spain.
2004            Alpan International 2004, Alpan Gallery. Long Island, NY.
2003            Evolving Perceptions, CP ArtSpace. Washington, DC.
2002            The Art of Love, SAAAIDS, Gallery ArtsIndia. New York, NY.
2002            Celebrating Spirituality, Central Wyoming College Gallery. Riverton, WY.
2002            Cross Cultural Expressions, M.Y. Art Prospects. New York, NY.
2000            Worth Gallery, University of California. Berkeley, CA.
1999, 00      Evolving Perceptions, 505 Gallery. Washington, D.
1998            Evolving Perceptions, National Press Club. Washington, D.C.  
1995, 99      Galeria Nota Bene. Cadaques, Spain.
1993            II Biennial of Art for the Fight Against AIDS, Palau Robert. Barcelona, Spain.  
1993            L‘Estany del Desig, Centre Civic Carmel. Barcelona, Spain.  
1993            Arxipelag, Capella del Antic Hospital de la Santa Creu. Barcelona, Spain.  
1993            Maraton de les Artes, Mercat de les Flors. Barcelona, Spain.  
1992, 96      Spirit Arts. Santa Fe, NM.          
1992            Galeria SIO. Calafell, Spain.
1991            Turner-Carroll Gallery. Santa Fe, NM.
1991            33 Premi a la Pintura Jove, Sala Pares. Barcelona, Spain.  
1991            TOTEM, Boca Raton Museum of Art. Boca Raton, FL.  
1990            Art and Design from Spain, Bloomingdale’s. New York, New York.  
1990            Curzon Gallery. Boca Raton, FL.  
1985            Chicago Center for the Print. Chicago, IL.


2019       International Diego Velazquez Prize, European Museum of Modern Art (MEAM),
              Barcelona, Spain. Curated by Salvatore and Francesco Russo.
2017       State University of New York at Delhi, NY.
              - UUP Professional Development Grant.
              - LA & S Professional Development Grant.
              - Provost’s Professional Development Grant for COIL.
              - Diversity Mini-Grant Award for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL);
               US-Mexico Multistate Program.
2013-16  New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) Arts in Education Decentralization
              Grants; art projects designed and taught by Roshan Houshmand, administered by
              Roxbury Arts Group.  Roxbury, NY.
              - Andes Central School Mosaic Project
              -  Margaretville Central School Master Painting Project
              -  Margaretville Central School Mandala Painting Project
              -  South Kortright Central School Global History Art Projects
2016       UUP Professional Development Grant, State University of New York at Delhi, Delhi, NY.
2014       Susan Asarian Nickerson Social Commentary Honorable Mention Award for painting
              The Cage in exhibition: “Endangered”, Woodstock Art Association and Museum.  
               Woodstock, NY.
2014       Michelle MacNaught Foundation Grants for coordinating and teaching “ASK; Art this
              Summer for Kids” and “Margaretville Central School Master Painting Project”. Hobart, NY.
2011       Special Merit Recognition Award: Representation of Scientific/Mathematical Principle
              and Phenomena for painting Theoretical Event, at the “SMART Contest”, The Next
              Big Idea. Los Alamos, NM.
2010-12  The A. Lindsay and Olive B. O'Connor Foundation Grant for coordinating and
              teaching “ASK - Art this Summer for Kids”.  Hobart, NY.
2010-12  New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) Community Arts Decentralization
              Grant; for coordinating and teaching “ASK - Art this Summer for Kids”,
              administered by Roxbury Arts Group.  Roxbury, NY.
2010       New York State Foundation for the Arts (NYFA) SOS Grant, for exhibition:  
              “trailscripts”, San Antonio, Texas, administered by the Upper Catskill  
              Community Center for the Arts.  Oneonta, NY.
2006       US Department of State Grant for exhibition: “21st Century American Women Artists”,
              ART in Embassies Program, Truman Hall, US Mission to NATO. Brussels, Belgium.
2005       New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) Community Arts Decentralization Grant for
              solo exhibition “Lightening”, Andes Society for History and Culture Hunting Tavern
              Museum.  Andes, New York, administered by Roxbury Arts Group. Roxbury, NY.
2003       Second Place: Abstract-International, IVAcc 3B. Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
              Award of Excellence: The Healing Power of Art, Manhattan Arts International. NY, NY.
2001       First Prize:The Traveler, Honorable Mention: The Annunciation, El Fumador.
              Sewickley, PA.
1982       Sandra Kessleman Slotnik Scholarship Award for Outstanding Leadership in the
              Arts, Bennington College.  Bennington, VT.
1982       Ella Woodner Macy Scholarship Award for Outstanding Leadership in the Arts,  
              Bennington College Bennington, VT.


2007-current  State University of New York at Delhi (SUNY Delhi).  Delhi, NY.
     Adjunct Instructor of painting and art appreciation. Initiated and began teaching
     intro to painting course in 2011, developed and began teaching online painting
      course in 2016, producing eight demonstration videos for course. In 2013 taught an
     independent study sdvanced level painting course. VLDD (Virtual Learning Design
    and Delivery) and Moodle Certifications.
2017-current  Southern New Hampshire University, Manchester, NH.
     Adjunct instructor of online Intro drawing and intro to humanities II.
    Roxbury Arts Group. Roxbury, NY.
    Curator for contemporary art gallery and director for children’s summer art
2005-07          Enderlin Gallery, Roxbury, NY.  Director of contemporary art gallery.
2005-07          Catskill Arts Society, Hurleyville, NY. Painting instructor.
2000 - 02        Community College of Allegheny County.  West Mifflin, PA.
    Painting (levels I &II), drawing (levels I &II), art appreciation adjunct instructor.
2000 - 02        Penn State University.  Beaver, PA. Adjunct drawing instructor.
2001               The Art Institute of Pittsburgh.  Pittsburgh, PA.
    Color theory, perspective and drawing adjunct instructor.
1998-99          Sweetwater Center for the Arts, Sewickley, PA.
    Instructor of pre-college painting and drawing and conceptual self-portrait
   and director of children’s summer art camps.
1992-1993      Escola Massana.  Barcelona Spain.
     Visiting artist for senior-level painting students.
1991               Marianovich Arte.  Barcelona, Spain. Director for contemporary art gallery.
1990 - 91        LEAP (Learning Through an Expanded Arts Program).  New York, NY.
     Art Coordinator and teacher with NPO for New York Public School System
     introducing arts into the curricula, training teachers and teaching students.
1989, 91         Prakapas Gallery.  New York, NY. Assistant to director at gallery
    specializing in Bauhaus photography.


2016, 17            Tsering Art School, Boudhanath, Nepal. Three-month thangka painting course.
2015                  Institute of Tibetan Thangka Arts, Dharamsala, India. Two-month thangka painting
1984, 5, 9          Painting Tutorial with Julio Alpuy of the Taller of Joaquin Torres Garcia; New York, NY.
1984                  Master of Fine Arts in Painting, Dominican University, River Forest, IL
    Graduate Program at Rosary College Graduate School of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy.
1983                  Master of Arts in Art History, Dominican University, River Forest, IL Graduate  
    Program at Rosary College Graduate School of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy.
1981                  School of Visual Arts, New York, NY; Summer Program in Morocco.
1982                  Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts, Bennington College, Bennington, VT. Scholarship  


2005-19  CROP (Creating Rural Opportunities Partnerships), BOCES, administered by
              Roxbury Arts Group.  Coordinator and teacher of after-school art projects.
2014       “Drawing from Life”, four-day workshop taught to HS students at Franklin Center
              School, administered by DCMO BOCES, Oneonta, NY.
2010-14  “ASK” (Art this Summer for Kids)”. Week-long art day-camps for children at the
              Andes Society for History and Culture, Andes, NY and the Delaware County
              Historical Association, Delhi, NY and my studio in Andes, NY. Coordinator, grant
              writer and teacher of art camps. Sponsored by The Michelle MacNaught Fund, The
              New York State Council on the Arts Decentralization Grants, The A. Lindsay and
              Olive B.  O'Connor Foundation Grants and Price Chopper’s Golub Foundation.
2009       Two-week painting workshop in Corn Island, Nicaragua.  Coordinator and Instructor.          
2008       Ten-day painting workshop for adults in Costa Rica. Coordinator and Instructor.          
2008, 11  West Kortright Center, West Kortright, NY. Art Instructor for workshops
2004-7    Catskill Center for the Arts, Livingston Manor, NY.  Painting Instructor.
2005       Upper Catskill Community Center for the Arts, Oneonta, NY.  Painting Instructor.    


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2016              Miriam Sagan. Commission.
2015              K. Tajbaksh-Precht.  Commission.
2002              Mainline Art Center, Philadelphia, PA.  Public Art.
1993              J. Iranzo, Valencia, Spain.  Mural Commission.
1992              BDM Architects, Barcelona, Spain.  Mural Commission.
1991              Marianovich Arte, Barcelona, Spain.  Exterior Building Mural.
1986              M. Termin, Boca Raton, FL.  Commission.


ARS (Artists Rights Society), Amnesty International, Andes NY Chamber of Commerce,
United University Professions


The Red Cross, Barcelona, Spain; Catskill Rural AIDS Benefit (CRAS), Roxbury, NY; For Arts
Sake, Roxbury, NY; Bennington College Benefit Exhibition, Bennington, VT; Michelle MacNaught
Foundation Benefit Auction, Leo Koenig Gallery, Andes, NY; Blazing Wisdom Institute, Saugerties,
NY; Love and Light Foundation, Hawaii; UNICEF International, New York, NY; Annual Benefit
for Tibet, Christies, NY; Mercy Corps, Portland, OR; International Rescue Committee, MN.